Hypno is the Philadelphia Region's Headquarters for CreateAThon 2005.

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Archived: 2003's photos &video can be viewed here: C.A.T 2003 | More Background Info
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Here's 2004's notes: (This year's notes and news have not started yet)

Oct 21, 2004
A Great article was just posted today at HOWdesign.com that really captures the event blow by blow. Thanks Sydney Grant for writing the great piece! Read it here: Saving the World, 24 Hours @ a Time. Thanks also to Bryn Mooth, Editor at HOW Magazine!


Oct 18, 2004
See 2004's CreateAThon results! Our digital scrapbook of photos, videos and projects for CreateAThon 2004. Check it out!

It was a blast working with everyone involved with CreateAThon in 2004. There was so much good work accomplished that it's hard to believe it all got done so rapidly. Our volunteers in 2004 truly performed Herculean tasks and came through with some fantastic creative solutions for our non-profit organizations. Wow! You are all so tremendously gifted, it's a great honor working side by side with you all. I hope you all look forward to doing it again this year! Check out the scrapbook from 2004's CreateAThon. You will be amazed, we did this all in 24 hours!


Press Releases (MS Word Documents)
Oct 7, 04 Over $248,000 worth of services
Oct 2, 04 Celebration at CRW Tonight!
Sep 23, 04 Art Guild Donates Posters/Banners!
Sep 14, 04 Finch Donates Paper!
Sep 10, 04 CRW Graphics Donates All Printing!
Aug 20, 04 Agency Chooses Organizations
Jul 13, 04 Agency Invites for Entry
Please contact Richard Cardona for any other press material needs, or questions at
Hypno: 856 802 9003.
Articles and clippings
Oct 21, 04 Saving the World 24 Hrs @ a Time
Oct 14, 04 CreateAThon A Success 1.2MB PDF
Sept 16, 04 Moorestown Newsweekly 2.7MB PDF

Oct 2, 2004
Pennsauken, NJ:
CRW Graphics to host Cocktail Reception for CreateAThon tonight and print all the work for free for the non-profit organizations. over 75 people are expected to attend! This private reception celebrates all the good work coming out from CreateAThon 2004 as it comes rolling hot off of the presses. Members from the boards of the non-profits and the volunteers who worked on all their creative needs projects will celebrate as the creative brochures, posters, postcards and flyers come to final fruition. for more info there's a press release that's just been added! Press release:Celebration Tonight


Sept 23, 2004
Art Guild, a Tradeshow and Exhibit Booth and Display company of Thorofare, NJ has generously offered large format digital output of posters, banners, and graphics. They are the best in the business and can claim clients like Disney, Nokia, Mannington, Sega, DuPont, and even Museums. The generous offer comes from Doug Zegel, President of Art Guild. Click here to read press release: Art Guild Donates Posters/Banners!

ALSO: I Had a great photo shoot session with photographer Zave Smith (website) over at Goodwill today. Zave is a great pro, and took OVER 400 shots today (in about 1.5 hours.). I can't wait to see them. THANKS ZAVE! Here's a few shots I took on my cell-phone of Zave taking photos at Goodwill. You'll need quicktime to view this file: Photo session You can get Quicktime here: DOWNLOAD PLAYER

Sept 16, 2004
A Great article came out today in the Moorestown Newsweekly on our CreateAthon. You can read it by downloading this PDF (2.7MB):
Moorestown Newsweekly

Big thanks goes out to Dan Keashen for writing story! He's planning on writing a two-parter on this and will be covering the day of the event as well. Should be another great coverage of the event!

Sept 14, 2004

Sherry Kennell, paper specifications manager for Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc., a major premium paper mill, has made a very generous donation to supply the CreateAThon non-profits with the paper needed for the printing of their pieces at CRW Graphics for CreateAThon 2004!

We met with Sherry at Hypno on Thursday of last week and she jumped on board immediately with excitement and geniune compassion about the organizations that have been selected to recieve CreateAThon services this year.

Said Sherry, "We are very involved in this type of work. We're into community and strongly aware of our responsibility to community. The company (Finch) as a whole feels so strongly about it. It's part of our makeup. Our CEO started working as a hand in the mill at age 17, and 45 years later has run every facet of that company, and he is a fabulous man, and instills this feeling in all of us."

Big kudos to Finch and Sherry for stepping up to the plate and offering their new line of papers for CreateThon. We're really fortunate to have a paper partner like Finch, and proud to name them as Official Paper of Philly Regional CreateAThon 2004.

All you designers and art directors out there, check out Finchpaper.com and be sure to specify Finch on your next printing project! It's an awesome sheet, from a great company!


Aug 20, 2004

Hello! The applications have been agonized over, debated about, wrestled with ad infinitum, and the final selections have been made. Read more about it below. It was tough, but we think we have made good choices that will impact our community. We encourage more organizations to apply next year, and for others who applied this year, but were not selected, to reapply. We can only accommodate so many organizations requests, but we increased our count from 12 organizations of last year to 14 for this year.

Press Release:     Also see CRW Graphics Release: Printer Donates All Printing!

DATE: August 20, 2004
CONTACT: Richard Cardona
856 802-9003


MOORESTOWN, NJ — Fourteen non-profit organizations from the tri-state area will be beneficiaries of advertising and marketing services provided free of charge by HYPNO Design in its second annual CreateAThon, scheduled for September 30, 2004. The event, a 24-hour work-around-the-clock effort, will provide free creative services to the selected non-profits. HYPNO is the Philadelphia regional host for CreateAThon for the second year in a row.

Organizations selected as CreateAThon clients this year include:

Appel Farm Arts and Music Center
Animal Welfare Association
The Career Wardrobe
Farm Worker Health and Safety Institute
Girl Scouts of South Jersey Pines
Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey
The International 22q 11.2 Deletion Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Morris Arboretum
Painted Bride Art Center
Please Touch Museum
Sisterhood, Inc.
Success by Six
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Montgomery County
Washington Township Live Arts

HYPNO received over 50 applications from non-profit agencies all across the tri-state area. The agency expects to produce between 35 - 40 projects for the 14 non-profits selected. "It is such a gut wrenching process to choose who will be part of CreateAThon," said Alison Judah, HYPNO's president.

"We want to help everyone who needs it. Every organization that submitted an application deserves support; they are all doing such important work to improve our community." In selecting the organizations, Judah noted that the agency followed its criteria of choosing non-profits that provide direct services to the people of the tri-state area. In addition to the 24-hour creative blitz, HYPNO has partnered with CRW Graphics of Pennsauken, to offer printing to further expand CreateAThon benefits to the selected non-profits.

"CRW's enthusiasm to work with us and print these materials at no cost to the non-profits," said Richard Cardona, agency Creative Director, "is a wonderful and generous offer. We are excited to see the final projects roll off of the presses this year. CRW is a top notch printer and will do phenomenal work."

This year HYPNO is joined by Idea Lab, a marketing and advertising agency located in Moorestown, that is volunteering some of its staff to the cause.

Established in 1995, HYPNO provides a complete spectrum of traditional and new media integrated marketing solutions to clients throughout the Northeast. Major clients represented by HYPNO include those in healthcare, educational, general services and the arts.

# # #


Aug 14, 2004

Great News!

CRW Graphics of Pennsauken NJ ( see website ) will be sponsoring the printing for CreateAThon 2004! This is fantastic news for all the non-profits who will be selected. Not only is this a very kind and generous outreach from Harriet and Larry Weiss of CRW, but it also means that the non-profit orgs will get superior professional results for their print projects. CRW is a premium quality printer, with strong a commitment to helping other cultural and humanitarian organizations within our community. They also have worked for some very demanding clients like, Verizon, Nordica, and the University of the Arts, to name a select few. Their generous offer means that the needs of the non-profits will be fully covered from beginning to the end.

CRW's work is of the highest caliber, and the professional results certainly will astound many of the non-profits who will be selected to receive services. Many of these organizations will not have had the pleasure of seeing their materials professionally produced before, let alone produced by one of the best in the printing business.

We're very excited to see that CRW is committed to CreateAThon and helping out to make CAT 2004 even better than last years! They've already made quite an impact in non-profit pro-bono work, but this truly separates them from the pack. These are great people, coming together for great causes, making a tremendous impact on the quality of life for many, many people in our community. We are so proud to be working with them!